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Sterling Silver with 24K Keum Boo and Freshwater Pearl pendant.

Variscite and Chalcedony pendant, Sterling Silver with 24K Keum Boo.

Murphy OriginalsLLC

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An unusual and popular trend in this collection, is the use of Mixed Metals. By combining 24K, 22K and 14K yellow gold, with sterling, fine or Argentium silver, the designs all represent unique personalities. 

Add patina (blackening of the silver), texture, layers and dimension, these designs include faceted precious and semi-precious stones, cabochons (non-faceted) and freshwater pearls.

All designs are hand fabricated, beginning with gold or silver sheet and wire. 
Sterling Silver with 24K Keum Boo, diamond and patina earrings.
Offset shield pendant in Argentium silver with 24K Keum Boo and blue Topaz, 14K accents.
Square shadow box type pendant
in sterling silver with 24K Keum Boo,
Ruby and 14K accents.
Orbicular Tube Jasper in mixed metal, sterling silver with 24K
Keum Boo. 
This is a pin / pendant combination.
Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique used to fuse a layer of fine gold to silver.  This technique is accomplished by first depletion gilding a surface of sterling silver to bring up a thin layer of fine silver. The 24 karat gold is applied with heat and pressure - fusing or pressure welding - to produce a permanent diffusion bond.

Keum Boo (Kum-Boo) literally means "attached gold".

This is a technique I use frequently in my designs as it is the perfect way to add the value of high karat gold to a piece.