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As a child, I have wonderful memories of scouring my mother's cupboard drawers for my latest find of beautiful jewelry. I would spend hours trying on different pieces, mesmerized by the treasury of design, texture and color.
Born and raised in Johannesburg, a city considered to be the commercial hub of South Africa, it is the heart of South Africa's gold and diamond mining industry. While my degree and early career focused on the corporate world of marketing and public relations, the  influences of my African youth are firmly entrenched in my designs.

My unique design vocabulary encompasses a wide range of techniques and influences: organic shapes and textures; smooth sinuous lines and curves juxtaposed with angles; tribal African designs and motifs; rich texture and dimension; the contrast of metals like the sun and rich African soil - all products of my travels and experiences.
I have been blessed with a new beginning. That is a gift not many people can appreciate. Each day holds new promise, new hope, and for me the wonder of our creation is evident in the multitude of colors, shapes, textures and personalities of the raw materials and stones with which I work.
The relationship between the materials - metals and stones - fascinates me. I love to explore color and texture complimented by shape and angle of design.

By intuitively steering away from the traditional concepts of jewelry, with a focus on Studio Art Jewelry,  my designs allow the wearer to express their individuality in a way that is both wearable and definitively sculptural.
My jewelry designs are carefully handcrafted - ageless demands of sophistication and elegance meet bold and daring.
Murphy OriginalsLLC

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